Greyhound Welfare / Veterinary

Animal welfare and safety is a key priority for the Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission. The Commission’s veterinary services are led by the Commission’s Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr Michelle Ledger.

The Commission aims to ensure that an on-course vet is available for every greyhound race meeting. Veterinarians monitor greyhounds before each race to ensure they are fit to race, observe their performance during races to identify possible injuries or signs of stress, carry out post-race reviews to check on greyhound recovery, and supervise the collection of samples for analysis.

If a greyhound is injured on a racetrack, a veterinarian will provide immediate assistance and advice to ensure the health and wellbeing of the greyhound remains paramount. Veterinarians work closely with stewards to ensure that animal welfare is maintained on and off the track and are involved in assessments of cases of alleged animal cruelty or suspected neglect. They will also participate in Commission inquiries and investigations where matters of animal welfare or prohibited substances are involved.

Chief Veterinary Officer                                                               

The Chief Veterinary Officer is responsible for leading the investigation, development and implementation of animal health and welfare strategies and policies for the greyhound industry in NSW.