Integrity / Greyhound Racing Act 2017

Greyhound Racing Act 2017

The Greyhound Racing Act 2017 (GRA) was introduced in April 2017 to regulate the NSW greyhound racing industry and to provide for the welfare of greyhounds. The GRA also enabled the constitution of the Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission as the greyhound industry regulator and identified Greyhound Racing New South Wales as the commercial body of greyhound racing in NSW.

The GRA can be viewed in full here.

Statutory Review

Section 102(1) of the GRA requires the Minister to review the Act to determine whether the policy objectives of the Act remain valid and whether the terms of the Act remain appropriate for securing those objectives.

Section 102(3) stipulates that the review is to examine and report on the following—

(a) any improvements in the welfare of greyhounds since the enactment of this Act
(b) the appropriateness of a target for unnecessary euthanasia of greyhounds
(c) the adequacy of compliance and enforcement powers in relation to greyhound racing
(d) the appropriateness of the terms of an operating licence granted to GRNSW
(e) the appropriateness of penalties and offences
(f) the funding and efficiency of the Commission
(g) any impact on the export of greyhounds since the enactment of this Act.

Section 102(4) states that a report on the outcome of the review is to be tabled in each House of Parliament within 12 months. The last possible tabling date is 11 April 2021.

The statutory review is facilitated by the NSW Department of Customer Service which conducted a public consultation process between July and September 2020.