Integrity / Conflict of Interest

This information is provided for the benefit of greyhound racing participants in NSW to communicate how the Commission manages real, potential or perceived conflicts of interest of its staff.

The Commission takes the management of conflicts of interest very seriously. All Commission staff are required to disclose any real, potential or perceived conflicts of interest as they arise and to update this information on an annual basis. These requirements are outlined in the Commission’s Code of Ethics & Conduct Policy.

The Commission maintains a central register of all conflicts of interest notified to it by its staff. The register is overseen by the Commission’s executive and all conflict mitigation measures are also recorded within the register. Active management of disclosed conflicts are undertaken to ensure the conflict of interest is being appropriately managed and mitigated.

In addition to the requirement to continuously disclose conflicts of interest, all staff employed by the Commission are prohibited from:

  • Being a registered greyhound industry participant;
  • Wagering on any greyhound race in Australia or New Zealand;
  • Being able to benefit, either directly or indirectly, from any greyhound racing activity.

It is important to remember that there is no prohibition on the Commission employing individuals who may have a background in the greyhound racing industry or who may have family connections within the industry, except as specified in the Greyhound Racing Act 2017 No 13.

That Act specifically precludes the Commission’s Commissioners (under section 5(3)) and Commission inspectors (under section 68(2)) from having any current or previous direct involvement in the greyhound racing industry.

In the interests of privacy, the Commission is unable to make public its register of conflicts disclosed by its employees. However, its contents are called upon should the Commission be notified of any issues.

In keeping with this, if you are concerned that a GWIC employee has or may have a conflict of interest that is not or may not be appropriately managed by the Commission, you are requested to contact the Commission either by email to or by calling us on 13 49 42.  If you call the Helpline, please ensure you make clear that you wish to lodge an enquiry or concern in relation to employee conflicts of interest.