Integrity / Current Persons Under Penalty


The following list is compiled from the records of GRNSW and GWIC if a person listed below is no longer subject to penalty please contact GWIC on 13 49 42 to provide details.

Participants are reminded that anyone dealing with or associating with a disqualified person may be in breach of the Racing Rules and subject to disciplinary action.

NameRule BreachStart DateExpiry Date
Pamela CainesRules 79A(7) x 4, 86(h) & 84(2) x 320/08/202024/03/2021
Timothy CainesRules 79A(7) x 4 & 84(2) x 320/08/202024/05/2021
Craig LastR83(2)(a)18/05/202002/04/2021
Leonardus VanderburgR86B(1)(a), R86B(1)(b), R86A, R86B(1)(b)30/06/202006/05/2021
Bradley CowlingR28(4) x2, R86(f) x2, R3015/05/202014/05/2021
Matthew MartinR83(2)(a)09/04/202016/06/2021
Ronnie BonannoR86(h), R86(q), R86(o)28/06/201727/06/2021
Ian SmythR83(2)(a)05/05/202018/07/2021
John HoranR106(1)(d), R106(2)27/02/201823/07/2021
Adam OliverR83(2)(a)22/07/202011/09/2021
Tim AnagnostopoulosR86(o), R86(g)14/10/201413/10/2021
Patricia CauchiR124(1)8/06/201808/12/2021
Sam CauchiR124(1)8/06/201808/12/2021
Tracey HandR83(2)(a)17/12/201916/12/2021
Craig MoffittR83(2)(a), R86(o)22/3/201721/03/2022
Leith MchugR83(2)(a)8/02/20177/02/2023
Morgan Fenwick-BenjesR83(2)(a), 79A(7) & 84(2) x 1013/12/201920/03/2023
Raymond HendersonRule 95(8)(a)(i)02/10/202017/09/2024
Patrick WoodR83(2)(a)18/11/201417/11/2024
Katelyn NashR106(1)(a), R106(1)(d), R106(2)19/01/201818/01/2025
Julie CarterR86(g) x4, R68(f)(i) x229/11/201920/06/2027
Thomas PullmanR86(d), R86(q), R106(1)(d)22/12/201621/12/2031
Didier DupucheR95(8)(a)(i)16/06/201715/06/2032
Hubert MurrayR86B(b)17/05/201716/05/2033
Mark AzzopardiR83(2)(a)21/10/201619/09/2039
Raymond T King*R9(4)20/02/200419/02/2099
Mark MiddletonR95(8)(a)(i)04/05/202003/05/2099
Charles SultanaR95(8)(a)(i)31/07/201930/07/2099

*can attend tracks as a patron only.

Warned Off

NameRule BreachStart DateExpiry Date
Bruce CarrR28(4) x 5, R86(l) x 201/04/202031/03/2022
Ian MorganR86(b)19/08/2016 
Raymond ColeR86(h)11/01/2012 
Matthew BrunkerLR99B30/09/2014 
Robert FentonR95(1)(e)13/07/2015 
Johanna ElliotR99(2)(a), LR99B01/07/2013 
John CauchiR86(b)22/07/2016


NameRule BreachStart DateExpiry Date
Ronald MartinR86(o)26-Jun-2013Upon payment of outstanding fines
Tim Miller
22-Apr-2013Upon payment of outstanding fines