All greyhounds and industry participants must be registered with the Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission.

The Commission has introduced online application and transaction services to make it simpler and easier to complete transactions. Online services are now available for updating contact details, greyhound naming and ownership transfers. All other forms can be completed and submitted online.

To access forms for registration or for greyhound notifications, click the links below:

Participant registration

Greyhound notifications and applications

The Commission can decide to refuse, suspend or cancel registration if it is deemed in the best interests of the greyhound racing industry to do so. The Commission can refuse to register a greyhound trial track if it believes the track is not or will not be financially viable, or it is in the best interests of the greyhound racing industry to do so.

If you have any questions about registrations, please contact the Commission’s Registration and Welfare team on 13 49 42 or .

Registration competency assessments - currently in trial phase

As part of the Greyhound Industry Review Panel's recommendations, GWIC was tasked with introducing competency requirements, to ensure that anyone applying for a new registration is equipped with the knowledge to perform that role. GWIC has developed competency assessments for Trainer, Breeder and Attendant roles. These assessments are now in a trial-phase. We encourage anyone applying for a Trainer, Breeder or Attendant registration to take part in the assessment component to help us test the assessment program. At this stage the assessment is not mandatory and we appreciate any feedback. If you need assistance at any stage throughout the assessment or application process, please call 13 49 42.