Integrity / Monitoring and Inspection

The Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission employs inspectors to carry out compliance and enforcement activities. Under the Greyhound Racing Act 2017, an inspector has investigation and enforcement  powers that support the Commission's welfare and integrity functions.

Also, an inspector can exercise powers to obtain information or records for purposes connected with the Act.

For example, an inspector can:

  • Issue a notice requiring information or records to be produced
  • Enter any premises at any reasonable time – if a part of premises is used for residential purposes, an inspector can enter that part with the permission of the occupier or if a court or other authorised person has issued a search warrant authorising entry
  • Examine and inspect any part of a premises or any animal on the premises
  • Take and remove samples
  • Make such examinations and inquiries as the inspector considers necessary
  • Record evidence by taking photographs, films, audio or video recordings
  • Require records to be produced for inspection, and examine and inspect any records
  • Copy any records
  • Seize anything that the inspector believes is connected with an offence
  • Apply to a magistrate, local court registrar or other authorised officer for a search warrant. The inspector can apply for the warrant if a provision of the Act, the Regulation, or the greyhound racing rules has been, is being, or is about to be contravened.
  • Require a person who is suspected of having knowledge of relevant matters to answer questions in relation to those matters
  • Require a person to attend at a specified place and time to answer questions if attendance at that place is reasonably required in order that questions can be properly put and answered
  • Where a criminal offence is suspected to have been committed,  record questions and answers to questions if the inspector has informed the person who is to be questioned that a recording is to be made
  • Require a person who is suspected to have committed an offence under the Act or the Regulation to state his or her full name and residential address. The inspector can request the person to provide proof of the name and address.

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