Integrity / Internal Review

The Greyhound Racing Act 2017 (NSW) introduced the process of ‘Internal Review’ where greyhound racing industry participants can apply to the Commission to have certain decisions reviewed. The Internal Review process is separate from, and does not replace, the existing avenues of appeal to the Racing Appeals Tribunal; it is an additional avenue of review for greyhound racing industry participants. The Internal Review is conducted by a single reviewer who was not substantially involved in making the original, reviewable decision.

What is a “reviewable decision”

If you are aggrieved by one of the following decisions, you may apply to the Commission for an Internal Review:

  • a decision by the Commission (made by a single Commissioner or a person acting under a delegation given by the Commission) to:
    • refuse to register a person, greyhound or greyhound trial track, or
    • impose a condition on the registration of a person, greyhound or greyhound trial track, or
    • take any disciplinary action under Division 1 of Part 6 of the Greyhound Racing Act 2017 (NSW), or
    • vary or revoke a condition imposed on the registration of a person, greyhound or greyhound trial track, or
  • a decision of a steward in exercising functions under the greyhound racing rules.

To be ‘aggrieved’ is to disagree with the reviewable decision.

How to apply

Applications for an Internal Review must be lodged within 28 days after the day on which you were given notice of the reviewable decision.

To apply for an Internal Review, you are required to lodge with the Commission:

  • A completed Application for Internal Review;
  • A copy of the Notice of Decision;
  • Any additional information, documentation or evidence you believe supports your application; and

Please submit the above to the Commission:

  • By email to:; or
  • By post addressed to:  Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission, PO Box 718, Bathurst NSW 2795; or
  • In person at:  Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission, Level 1, 230 Howick Street, Bathurst NSW 2795

If you would like a stay of decision

The act of lodging your application does not automatically stay the reviewable decision; a ‘stay’ is where the penalty or outcome of the reviewable decision is put on hold pending the outcome of the Internal Review. If you would like a stay, you must elect this on the form and the Commission will determine whether or not to grant the stay and advise you in writing of their decision.

The Internal Review process

At the time of applying for an Internal Review, if you intend to, or have already applied to, the Racing Appeals Tribunal for an appeal of the same decision you are seeking to be reviewed by an Internal Review, the Reviewer will await determination of the appeal by the Racing Appeals Tribunal before conducting the Internal Review.

Once the Commission’s Internal Review Registrar receives your completed application, attachments and payment of the fee, the documents will be forwarded to the Reviewer to set a review date. The method of the Internal Review will be conducted depending on whether you have elected a Desk Review or a Review in person, by telephone or video link. The Internal Review Registrar will communicate with you to arrange a suitable review date (if Review by appearance in person, telephone or video link) or to obtain your written submissions (if by Desk Review). Note: The option for a video link may not be available in all circumstances.

To determine whether the original decision should be confirmed, varied or revoked, the Reviewer will consider all information and material that was collected and considered as part of the original decision from the relevant decision-maker about their reasons for their decision and the associated outcome, together with any relevant material submitted or presented by you.

Racing Appeals Tribunal

If you are not satisfied with the Reviewer’s decision you may appeal the decision to the Racing Appeals Tribunal within 7 days of being notified of the outcome, provided it is a decision from which an appeal lies to Tribunal in accordance with clause 9 of the Racing Appeals Tribunal Regulations 2015 (NSW).

Information and Forms

If you have any questions about the Internal Review process or require assistance in completing your application, please contact the Internal Review Registrar on 13 49 42 or email