Greyhound Welfare / Race Injury Review Panel

The Greyhound Welfare & Integrity Commission (the Commission) has established a Race Injury Review Panel (the Panel) to provide a mechanism for the systematic review of serious and catastrophic injuries to greyhounds racing on NSW tracks.

The fundamental purpose of the Panel is to better understand the underlying causes of racing injuries and to develop and implement preventative measures that will reduce the rate and severity of injuries to racing greyhounds.

All catastrophic injuries that result in the euthanasia of a greyhound on welfare grounds, and any sudden deaths occurring at race meetings will be subject to a detailed case by case review by the Panel. In addition, the Panel will analyse a sample of all serious injuries.

In its review the Panel will identify and analyse all contributing factors to each case which could be training-related, race-related, track-related or greyhound-related. Causal factors also considered could include (but are not limited to):

  • Race factors, such as collisions and falls
  • The greyhound’s racing history, including frequency of racing, its prior experience and performance
  • Breeding and genetics
  • Training influences
  • Previous injuries
  • The conditions of the track at the time of the incident
  • Environmental influences

The Panel is chaired by the Commission’s Chief Veterinary Officer and includes:

  • The Commission’s Chief Steward
  • A member of the Greyhound Industry Animal Welfare Committee and/or other independent expert
  • Nominated representative/s from GRNSW
  • Professional greyhound trainer appointed by the Commission
  • Any such expertise as the Chair deems appropriate.

A representative pool of professional trainers will be invited to sit on the panel on a rotating basis. Trainers are being sought as they can bring a unique perspective on the preparation and exercise regimen of racing greyhounds, and the history of rearing practices, spelling, treatments and nutritional aspects.

To be considered trainers must meet a list of criteria. More information on the criteria and how to express your interest can be found here.

The findings of each review will be provided to the greyhound’s owner/s and/or trainer, Commission staff, Greyhound Racing NSW, greyhound racing clubs and any other party considered relevant.

The Panel will meet monthly, and its findings published on the Commission’s website twice a year. View the Race Injury Review Panel analysis and recommendations here.

Race Injury Review Panel Terms of Reference.