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Securing a prosperous industry by improving welfare and integrity

Our Strategic Plan 2018-21 was released on 21 November 2019 and outlines how the Commission intends to reduce major injuries sustained during greyhound race meetings, improve compliance within the greyhound racing industry and also improve public confidence in the conduct of greyhound racing.

These goals are being achieved through the implementation of a number of initiatives including;

  • Introduce a Greyhound Welfare Code of Practice
  • Develop evidence-based standards to reduce the number and severity of greyhound injuries in partnership with GRNSW
  • Introduce tracking-of-registered greyhounds to identify welfare risks across the greyhound life cycle and support compliance
  • Implement a robust and transparent participant registration framework
  • Providing regular, accurate and transparent public reports on key measures of greyhound welfare and integrity

GWIC Strategic Plan 2018-21