Online Services / Ownership transfers

Participants in NSW can now transfer ownership of their greyhound/s online.

A participant who intends to transfer the ownership can complete an outgoing transfer notification via the online portal with the new owner’s name and contact details. The new owner will then need to log in to the online portal and accept the ownership of a greyhound.

The is no fee to transfer ownership of a greyhound online.

Click this button to complete an online owner transfer

A printable application is still available and can be downloaded here. Please note that ownership transfers completed by the application are $20.

'How to' guides

We have created a 'How to' guide and video on how to complete an ownership transfer online.

How to transfer ownership of a greyhound online

How to accept ownership of a greyhound online

Please note interstate owners should contact their controlling bodies to accept a transfer from a NSW owner.

For more information on ownership transfers, please contact GWIC on 13 49 42.