Greyhound applications & notifications / Vaccination records

Vaccinations are required to ensure that greyhounds are protected from infectious diseases.

Under the Greyhound Racing Rules, greyhounds must be vaccinated between:-

  • 6-8 weeks,
  • 10-16 weeks,
  • at 12 months of age.

To register a breeding female the current vaccination certificate must be provided. Annual vaccinations need to be completed to maintain their breeding status.

For more information on the minimum vaccination requirements, please see the puppy vaccination fact sheet.

Vaccination certificates must include the following information:

  • Parentage – Sire and Dam
  • Whelp Date
  • Gender
  • Colour
  • Vaccination vial sticker (details of vaccination type)
  • Vet details
  • Vaccination Date

Below are vaccination certificates to assist participants and veterinarians in recording vaccination information.

Record of 6-8 week vaccination certificate

Record of 10-16 week vaccination certificate

Kennel cough 2nd inactive vaccination detail certificate

Greyhound vaccination certificate

If you have any questions about vaccinations, please contact GWIC on 13 49 42.

Forms can be submitted to GWIC by: