Greyhound applications & notifications / Greyhound breeding applications and exemptions

For a greyhound to be registered as a breeding female it must be DNA tested first through Greyhounds Australasia. Further information on DNA testing and the application form for the DNA kit can be found on the Greyhounds Australasia (GA) website under Documents and Forms.

Once you receive the results of the DNA analysis, the greyhound will need to be registered as a breeding female by GWIC.

From 1 January 2021, the NSW Greyhound Welfare Code of Practice requires greyhounds that are to be registered as breeding females to have a Health and Fitness assessment completed by a registered veterinarian prior to the greyhound being registered for breeding (see standard 4.1). An application form must be completed and submitted with a health and fitness certificate, a copy of the greyhound’s current C5 vaccination and the greyhound’s racing identification card.

A participant must be registered as a breeder to whelp the litter. If the owner of a greyhound is not a registered breeder but has arranged for a registered breeder to whelp the litter, a breeding lease will need to be completed and submitted to GWIC before the greyhound can be served.

Under Rule 127 (10) & (11) of the Greyhound Racing Rules, breeding females over eight years of age and/or have whelped three litters are not permitted to be served unless an exemption is approved by GWIC.

For an exemption to be considered, an application form must be completed and submitted with a health and fitness certificate completed by a registered veterinarian, and a copy of the greyhound’s current vaccination certificate (if applicable).

If the exemption is granted, the greyhound is permitted one additional service within 120 days from the date of the health and fitness certificate.

Applications for greyhound breeding can be found below:

Breeding lease sire or dam application

Application to register a greyhound as a breeding female

Application for a breeding exemption

Greyhound vaccination certificate

Register services by a registered stud dog application form

If you have any questions about breeding applications and exemptions, please contact GWIC on 13 49 42.

Forms can be submitted to GWIC by: