Greyhound Welfare / Rehoming your greyhound

This information is to assist owners when rehoming greyhounds to ensure they meet the standards of the Greyhound Rehoming Policy. It outlines the steps owners should take when rehoming a greyhound and what form to submit to GWIC.

Owners that are rehoming a greyhound to a person or organisation not registered with the Commission, are required to desex the greyhound before being rehomed. Owners can access financial assistance through GRNSW’s Homing Assistance Scheme to help with the costs of desexing, dental and booster vaccinations. More information on the scheme can be found here.

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Greyhound Rehoming Policy link

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Intent to euthanise notification form linkEuthanasia of a greyhound notification link

Steps to rehome your greyhound

A copy of the rehoming steps above can be downloaded here.

Failure to comply with this Policy is an offence under R 86 (ag) of the Rules of Racing, and may result in disciplinary action.